Jürgen Barth - The Porsche Connection

Jürgen Barth and I after signing of the Sponsorship Agreement in Bad Homburg, Germany, in October, 1978.
In 1979 Porsche had decided not to have a"Factory Entry" for the Monte Carlo and East African Safari Rallies, when Jürgen Barth, the legendary Porsche race car driver, offered me the opportunity to be the main sponsor for two Porsche Rally Cars. 

I agreed to sponsor two 924 Turbos for the Monte Carlo and East African Safari Rallies. In the process Jürgen and I became the best of friends. Jürgen had agreed to be one of my drivers. Porsche also agreed to provide a complete technical support team for both rallies.

Jürgen Barth, a Le Mans winning driver, is as much a Porsche legend as his father ever was. Jürgen joined Porsche in 1963 as an engineer and his organisational skills were soon evident. He worked in the administration of the rally team and made his competition debut in 1968 with a Porsche 356. Throughout his racing career, Barth combined driving with the day job as a Team Manager and Director of Porsche's Motorsports Division.

Jürgen became one of the most successful drivers in sports car racing. He was most famous for his appearances at Le Mans – finishing the great race in all but two of his 12 starts and always in a Porsche. His debut was in 1971 and he won his class a year later with a Porsche 911S. Fourth in the 1975 race when sharing a 908/3 with Reinhold Joest and Mario Casoni.

His most famous win was "The Le Mans 24 Hours" in 1977 in a Porsche 936, with Jacky Ickx and Hurley Haywood, and in 1980 he won the 1000 km Nürburgring with Rolf Stommelen.

Jürgen Barth on-board the Porsche 936/77 Spyder.

Jürgen Barth, Norbert Singer and the Porsche 962.

The Monte Carlo and East African Safari Rallies