Force Solaire Hyperfast EV Charging Solution
Force Solaire eMobility aims to become a leading global developer of a breakthrough wireless power transfer and control system that will drastically expand the EV market. Our mission is to offer integrated eMobility infrastructure and components that embody a concept that will point to new directions in everyday driving and highway transportation serving multi-billion dollar EV markets around the world.

Force Solaire eMobility will deploy the EV infrastructure that meets the needs of the next generation of smarter mobility. Due to its design and charge power, the Force Solaire hyperfast wireless and autonomous EV charging system has a recharge time of seconds instead of hours.

Force Solaire eMobility (FSE) Hyperfast Wireless EV Charging Systems

Force Solaire eMobility Product Platform
  • FSE eCharger™ for:
    • Drive-thru eStation™
    • Charging EVs at Traffic Lights
    • Charging EVs at Parking Lot Exits
    • Charging EVs on Electrified Highways
  • FSE eReceiver™ for OEMs
  • FSE eReceiver™ for Aftermarket EVs
  • Force Solaire eMobility Control System
  • RFID Triggered Vehicle Charge Control System
  • Force Solaire eMobility Toll Collection System
  • Force Solaire eMobility Services

Recharge your EV in seconds versus hours, while you are parked or while you are driving, completely automatically.