Force Solaire Challenge

Healthier Cars - Healthier Energy - Power for Life.

Three Venues:
Racetrack, Urban, Scenic/Rural
Three Classes:
Sports Cars, Urban/Fun, Family
Three Types of Challenges:
Celebrity, Spectator, Participant
A Worldwide Trophy:
Europe, Asia, USA

Spring 2018 will see the birth of a unique new series of events. One that combines electric cars, fun, excitement, education and the promotion of new technologies that could solve many of the world’s current problems.

Force Solaire Quest

Our quest is to build a Better World appropriate to our times – one that provides greater mobility and a healthier approach to energy without damaging our environment. 

The Force Solaire Challenge is a worldwide platform of cooperation that brings together individuals and companies working in the automotive industry, energy industry, Information Technology, telecommunications, in the leisure industry,the media and in many other walks of life to develop and promote renewable energy, smart solutions and electric vehicles.

Porsche - Force Solaire Super Hybrid

Only a few months old, the project has already gathered momentum and a steadily growing number of organizations are choosing to become involved with the exciting program we’re planning over the next three years. 
The Force Solaire Challenge will start next Spring. There has already been a series of showcase presentations at the end of 2010.