Force Solaire eMobility Inc is a green technology design and development company offering revolutionary EV charging solutions. Our vision is to transform the energy of the sun into a new and revolutionary way of life by providing breakthrough innovations in hyperfast, autonomous wireless EV charging systems powered by solar energy. These solutions will allow Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) to be charged completely automatically, extremely fast, while in motion or stationary position. They will eliminate "range anxiety" from ZEVs, while significantly reducing CO2 emissions and help to create a sustainable and caring future for people, the environment, and the planet. 

Force Solaire eMobility's mission is to provide the Ultimate EV Charging Solution, allowing you to charge your EV in seconds anytime and anywhere while you are driving or parked and pair the charger with the most efficient solar energy source to achieve a true zero emissions transportation future.

Force Solaire eMobility has assembled the world’s best team of experts to successfully compete in this multi-billion-dollar hyperfast wireless EV charging systems market.